this is yichi

As a creative planner with cross-cultural experience, I am capable of solving problems with international perspectives. I believe if someone wanted to change the world, he (she) needed to stay passionate and hungry all the time, and that's what I did.


Conway electric

Conway Goods is an investment. Through their superb quality and innovative technology , their products satisfy both the coveted millenial and the well established consumer. Conway Goods promotes safety, convenience, durability and form. With a large distribution of colors, styles and products, all consumers are able to a attain value from at least one product offered. After all, everyone needs electricity!


Alichange emerges as a feature of Alipay, a well-established online payment platform which benefits from recent popularity of digital wallets, but improves on the formula by adding social applications.

Polar beverages

Polar Beverages can trace its beginnings to a spring water company started in 1882. Today, Polar Beverages Incorporated is the largest independent bottler in the US, consisting of their own brands – such Polar Seltzer, Adirondack, Clear & Sparkling, O Water and Franny’s – along with strong brand partnerships for bottling , private-label manufacturing and distribution for both regional and national brand partners.